Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Team

  1. More than just a furniture store
    Be a part of something bigger than yourself
  2. Strong community commitment
    Leave a lasting and positive effect on your community
    Partner with organizations that help others
  3. Partner with like minded vendors
    Be part of a team that extends beyond the store to achieve positive growth in the community
  4. Great environment
    Encouraging atmosphere, incredible team members
  5. Make money!
    Competitive sales compensation plans
  6. Work-Life balance
    Flexible schedules makes for a family-friendly environment
  7. Personal Development
    We want you to have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive!
    Always room for growth and advancement in the company
  8. Career Development
    Gain experience in business tactics, merchandising, customer service, and financing
  9. A company to rely on
    Transparent leadership and trustworthy team members
  10. Strong, stable company growth
    Year after year increasing retail sales and inventory